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About Us

Our main objective is to support the advancement of education in Tunisia.

We currently run three programs to pursue this objective: The Scholarship, the School Kit and the Books’ Donation programs. We are a registered charity in the United Kingdom and as such we fully comply to the conditions defined  by the Charity Commission, the official registrar and regulating body of charities in England and Wales.

We submit our accounts on a yearly basis to the Charity Commission. Our Financial and Compliance History is available to the public and published on the following link: SchoolMe Overview

Our Story

On the 15th of July 2007, the founder of SchoolMe, Dr. Ramla Jarrar, participated in London’s Great Run and decided to raise money to serve a charitable cause in Tunisia.

The total amount raised was circa £2000 and the generous donators suggested the money raised goes towards promoting education in Tunisia.

SchoolMe Scholarship Program then started and two secondary school students were sponsored for the academic year 2007-2008.

This marked the birth of SchoolMe that later became a registered charity in the UK at the beginning of 2008.


Ramla Jarrar
Dr. Ramla Jarrar

Founder & Trustee

Aaous Labbane
Mr. Aous Labbane


Zied Kaffel
Mr. Zied Kaffel


Firas Jabloun
Dr. Firas Jabloun


Brahim Jrah
Mr. Brahim Jrah